Emily Leshner

New York, NY

Emily Leshner is video producer and editor, visual ethnographer and puppeteer based in Brooklyn, New York. 

Emily received BAs in Cultural Anthropology and Africana Studies from New York University. She is currently completing an MA in Visual and Media Anthropology from Freie Universität Berlin and works for The Associated Press.

Emily's recent work has focused on the impact digital technologies can have in shaping the human condition. Her film Linked, an ethnographic piece about the impact virtual communities can have on physical spaces, was recently published in the Journal of Visual and Media Anthropology. Her graduate work, which will culminate in a film and written thesis, centers on shifting perceptions around the embodiment of death in the digital age. 

She has performed her puppetry at theaters including St. Ann's Warehouse, HERE Arts Center and Camel Art Space.

2018 Participant