S.A. Bachman

Los Angeles, CA

S.A. Bachman is a socially engaged artist, advocate and educator. She is the founder of two artist collaboratives, THINK AGAIN (with David John Attyah) and LOUDER THAN WORDS (with Neda Moridpour).

Bachman recruits art in the service of public address while examining the ways capitalism and misogyny conspire to jeopardize women and the outnumbered. Her socio-political critique exposes the insidiousness of sexism, white privilege and conformity. Her work resides at the intersection of art and social justice and focuses on the nexus between political power, public policy and social discipline. Past works have interrogated economic inequality, undocumented labor, queer liberation, racism, gender parity and militarization. Bachman's interdisciplinary practice utilizes photomontage, mobile billboards, outdoor projection, moving image and offset printing.

Her photographs and interventionist works have been exhibited in the USA, Australia, Spain, China, and the Czech Republic. Her artwork has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Puffin Foundation, Center for Cultural Innovation, and New England Foundation for the Arts.

Bachman's work is in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico City, The New York Public Library, The Rose Art Museum and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston, Philadelphia,) The Alternative Museum, Exit Art, The Grey Art Gallery, The Fabric Workshop, Self Help Graphics and LuXun Academy of Fine Arts (Shenyang, China.)

Her work is published in Artforum, Ms., Social Text, The Progressive, Reframings: New American Feminist Photographies, Graphic Agitation 2, Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated and the early work of THINK AGAIN is documented in the monograph, A Brief History of Outrage.

Bachman's collaborators include United For A Fair Economy, Strategic Actions For A Just Economy, Peace Over Violence, and A Window Between Worlds. As an educator, Bachman has been on the forefront of interdisciplinary and feminist education for over two decades and her teaching positions have traversed the worlds of high school, Harvard, art academies and community colleges.

2010 and 2016 Participant 

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