Mapping Meaning: 2012

The focus of the 2012 workshop was “ecotone.”  Defined as a transitional zone between two adjacent communities, ecotone speaks to ecologies in tension. Mapping Meaning used this theme as a metaphor for considering transitions currently taking place with regard to ecology, technology and culture.  Throughout the workshop, a series of questions were posed to the group. These focused on “ecotone as a site of opportunity,” “ecotone as a site of experimentation,” “ecotone as a place of creativity” and “ecotone as a place of emergency.”

2012 Workshop Schedule


"This initiative, Mapping meaning provides ground — productive, deconstructive ground, to argue for the inclusion of diversity, of liminal spaces, of the uncanny, and for new forms of sense and value in protected areas like Capitol Reef National Park. I think a challenge is to maintain a focus on impermanence in art, research, science, and women coming together, to maintain the productive friction of disturbance, as a way to work outside of neoliberal market economies, outside of colonial inscriptions of a site.

I propose that mapping meaning’s ecotone is not just a site of transition but to inhabit an ecotone is to bring together competing forces: The energy of resistance."

Trudi Lynn Smith
from the Mapping Meaning symposium held at Lafayette College

Unless noted in slideshow, photos taken by Krista Caballero