Jane Gillooly

Boston, MA

JANE GILLOOLY(producer / director / educator) a non-fiction and narrative film/video maker is committed to working inside and outside of the traditional venues for art and cinema -- not only broadening ideas of socially conscious work in the realm of contemporary media arts, but also creatively expanding notions of documentary used for social dialogue. Her work is inspired and informed by a century of non-fiction filmmaking, silent and vintage cinema, and activism. She is currently in production with The Suitcase of Love and Shame, an experimental non-fiction project drawing on 60 hours of a 1960’s audio diary discovered in a suitcase purchased on eBay. Her most recent non-fiction feature, shot in Swaziland, Today The Hawk Takes One Chick (2008) premiered at the ICA in Boston and is currently touring internationally. Earlier work includes Leona’s Sister Gerri (1995); produced for PBS and included in the 2007 release of the Best Of P.O.V. Gillooly has a background in photography, design and interdisciplinary media. She is a professor of Film at the School of The Museum of Fine Arts.

2010 Participant