Time Travels: Past and Future

Performance: Karina Aguilera Skvirsky

 Past: Rosa Maria Palacios in Capitol Reef National Park, UTAH

Rosa Maria Palacios, an Afro-Indian Ecuadorian (1893—1940) travelled on mule and by foot from the highlands of El Valle de Chota to the coastal metropolis of Guayaquil to work as a domestic for a wealthy family in 1906. Re-mapping the geospatial dynamics of her journey from Ecuador to the Utah desert, I will extend my genetic connection to her in defiance of the boundaries of time and space.

Future: Miseria in Capitol Reef National Park, UTAH

A time traveler, nostalgic for a pre-apocalyptic present, lands in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah. Rather than tell tales from the future, this bipedal, hermaphroditic life form reminisces by singing a song—“Miseria”—by Los Panchos (1949). The song will be sung in its native Spanish, while subtitles and abstract landscapes roll across the embedded screen in the time traveler’s chest. Rather than try to represent the unimaginable I will don a second-skin like costume evocative of low budget science fiction films from the past.