Magdalena Sandoval Donahue at TEDxABQ

Magdalena Sandoval Donahue (2014) will be speaking at the upcoming TEDxABQ. "Women of NM are strong, valiant, trailblazers who from their personal bridges, the spine of their backs and rich stories from their lips – inspire, empower and transform ideas into reality.  They build them, they cross them, and sometimes they even burn them… at TEDxABQWomen 2017, we will explore the many aspects of this year’s theme: Bridges, through talks from local leaders, performances, and curated TED Talks..."

Sylvia Torti Wins Schaffner Award

Cages by Sylvia Torti wins the 2016 Nicholas Schaffner Award For Music In Literature!

Set in and around a research laboratory in which two scientists are experimenting on birds to discover the origins of memory and birdsong, Cages is a complex interweaving of biological, philosophical and mystical themes. It is also a story of love, loss and memory as the two scientists vie for the heart of a young research assistant, yet like the birds whose songs they have muted, are unable to express their true feelings for her; and she in turn refuses to be "caged."

Read more in the Salt Lake Tribune: Why the caged bird sings is the question of a new Salt Lake-based novel

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recently published by Melanie Armstrong

Germ Wars: The Politics of Microbes and America's Landscape of Fear

Published Jan, 2017 

The United States government has spent billions of dollars to prepare the nation for bioterrorism despite the extremely rare occurrence of biological attacks in modern American history. Germ Wars argues that bioterrorism has emerged as a prominent fear in the modern age, arising with the production of new forms of microbial nature and the changing practices of warfare. In the last century, revolutions in biological science have made visible a vast microscopic world, and in this same era we have watched the rise of a global war on terror.

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